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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sent DNA match data to English Origenes

So a couple of years ago, I read about this guy in England who was using Y-DNA match lists and comparing them to historical county, district, parish, town, village records. He was trying to see where in the country all the names on a match list all coincided together the closest.

When my uncle did DNA testing, he was matched with some people who had the Lemons/Lemmon/Leming/Liming surname and a whole lot of other people who had different surnames. What Origenes does is, compares his database of historical records with surnames and location,  then enters in the DNA match list for each marker set 111, 67, 37, 25, 12. Then it finds the locations where they overlap the most. The goal is to pinpoint the area where a family is from in England, Ireland and Scotland.

He does the analysis for free and then you purchase the final report, based on the time spent and how large the report is.

This has been in the back of my mind to do it, just never got around to getting all the files together to send till this morning.

I put all the excel match files in a folder on dropbox and shared it with him. He let me know that he got the files today. He also let me know that if we do get a successful location hit, he will assist in locating living people in the same are to do more testing and see if there is a living Lemons/Lemmon/Leming/Liming who may be our very distant cousin, and the key to unlocking our British history.

I am excited to see if anything can be found and where it might be. Many people have speculated that we come from the area near the town of Lyminge in York. We will see!!!

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