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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jan 1 - Jan 9 Wikitree Birthday's, Marriages and death dates.

I want to add content to this blog on a regular basis in 2016. One of the easy ways to do this is to use the anniversary page of my wikitree.com account. The page lists all the birthdays, marriages and death dates of all the profiles that I manage. So I need to catch up so here goes..... Not all of these people are directly related to me, but I do manage their profile on Wikitree.

01 Jan 1881 Ida Meador was born [share tree]
01 Jan 1959 C. A. Leeper was born [share tree]
01 Jan 1915 Nancy Hensley died [share tree]
02 Jan 1735 Hannah Lyman [share tree] married Nathaniel Dwight [share tree]
02 Jan 1952 Linda Fay Irwin was born [share tree]
02 Jan 1856 Susanna Lemons died [share tree]
02 Jan 1939 Hillard Cisero Grantham died [share tree]
03 Jan 1684 John Bowne died [share tree]
04 Jan 1852 William Graham Leming was born [share tree]
04 Jan 1792 Lucy Meador was born [share tree]
04 Jan 1862 William Henry Davis was born [share tree]
04 Jan 1909 Willis Lemmon died [share tree]
04 Jan 1854 Mary Davis-Coe was born [share tree]
06 Jan 1916 Laura E Lockhart-Johnson died [share tree]
06 Jan 1929 John Peters was born [share tree]
07 Jan 1731 Marya Lefferts was born [share tree]
07 Jan 1783 William Liming died [share tree]
07 Jan 1828 Robert Patterson died [share tree]
08 Jan 1933 Opal Peters was born [share tree]
08 Jan 1915 Glenn Prater was born [share tree]
08 Jan 1999 William Lawrence Lemons died [share tree]
08 Jan 1832 Apollonia Lehmann was born [share tree]
09 Jan 1941 Gayle Frances Albright was born [share tree]
09 Jan 1908 Walter Stanley Hammontree was born [share tree]
09 Jan 1951 Albert Richard Lemons died [share tree]
09 Jan 1878 Rozett Lemmon was born [share tree]

Repost: Why the Soundex Is Important

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