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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Clermont Sun Article - Leming House

Miami Twp raises rental rates

November 25th, 2015    Author: Administrator    Filed Under: News

The rental rates for the Leming House, along with other Miami Township facilities, will increase by 20 percent in 2016.
By Kelly Doran
The Miami Township Trustees unanimously approved a resolution to raise rates for the popular rental facilities by 20 percent.
This will affect the 2016 rates at the Mulberry Room at the township Civic Center, the Leming House, park pavilions and the Performance Pavilion, said Township Administrator Jeff Wright.
The recreation department did an analysis and saw that demand for the facilities has gone up every year for the past four years, which is why the trustees started using a commercial cleaning service. The trustees also wanted to account for the additional expenses of that cleaning service for the facilities and Wi-Fi for the Leming House, Wright said.
Many renters at the Leming House wanted it to have Wi-Fi, Wright said.
The Mulberry Room rates will increase on weekdays from $250 to $300 and on Saturday from $125 to $150.
The Leming House rates from Friday to Sunday and on holidays will increase from $250 to $300, Wright said.
The park pavilions rates will increase from $50 to $60 and the Performance Pavilion rate will increase from $25 to $30.
Wright does not believe this will impact the demand. The demand has increased since the last time the township raised rates.
In addition, the recreation department looked at similar rental facilities in the area and thinks the new rates are comparable to rates for other facilities, Wright said.
“I think that still keeps us competitive,” Wright said.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ancestry DNA results in!

So I got my ancestry dna results back with some expected and a couple unexpected finds. Expected results was I matched my first cousin as first cousin Deborah Kinney and I matched Jeanne in TN who we already had Y-DNA testing on. 

The big surprise was matching 3 people who descend from Levi Leming b1805, who did not match Y-DNA of the other Leming men. What this means is that his mother was a Leming and he took her name. This is a huge breakthrough for the family. He was in the 1830 Monroe county census living near Jesse Leming who I think was his uncle. I believe now that Levi's mother was a sister of my Levi, and daughter of Thomas Leming b1760 and Mary Carter. In that same census, 2 pages from Levi and Jesse is a woman named Catherine Lemmons born 1780-90 who I have never been able to place in the tree and now I am wondering if she is the mother??? 

I also matched someone who descends from Daniel's son Samuel which is the first DNA connection to that son, and a couple people who descend from the immigrants 1st son John Limging II.  I also had many connections to my womens lines in my tree, Maxey, Tubbs, Thacker, Blackwell, Holloway, Grigg, Fine. Then I had many on my maternal lines as well. 

I'm glad I did the test at ancestry. I did upload to gedmatch with my FTDNA test so both are there. It will be interesting to see if the matches there are different between the 2 tests since they are supposed to be the same test.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

New Projects Page!

The new member registration is working again on the website! It is now very secure and private and will keep spammers out of the website. Also added a Projects page and the first project to the website. Crowdfunding projects that help the society, it's website and grow the tree are a key feature of the John Liming Society. Come take a look! New Projects Page