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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ancestry DNA results in!

So I got my ancestry dna results back with some expected and a couple unexpected finds. Expected results was I matched my first cousin as first cousin Deborah Kinney and I matched Jeanne in TN who we already had Y-DNA testing on. 

The big surprise was matching 3 people who descend from Levi Leming b1805, who did not match Y-DNA of the other Leming men. What this means is that his mother was a Leming and he took her name. This is a huge breakthrough for the family. He was in the 1830 Monroe county census living near Jesse Leming who I think was his uncle. I believe now that Levi's mother was a sister of my Levi, and daughter of Thomas Leming b1760 and Mary Carter. In that same census, 2 pages from Levi and Jesse is a woman named Catherine Lemmons born 1780-90 who I have never been able to place in the tree and now I am wondering if she is the mother??? 

I also matched someone who descends from Daniel's son Samuel which is the first DNA connection to that son, and a couple people who descend from the immigrants 1st son John Limging II.  I also had many connections to my womens lines in my tree, Maxey, Tubbs, Thacker, Blackwell, Holloway, Grigg, Fine. Then I had many on my maternal lines as well. 

I'm glad I did the test at ancestry. I did upload to gedmatch with my FTDNA test so both are there. It will be interesting to see if the matches there are different between the 2 tests since they are supposed to be the same test.

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