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Sunday, August 2, 2015

John Liming Society live

Announcing the new family association called the "John Liming Society". The John Liming Society is a family association that seeks to preserve the history, genealogy and artifacts of the family. http://john-liming-society.org

The society has been set up as a division of Lemons Publishing, a sole proprietorship owned by Kari Lemons. The Society will be Free to join, no dues or membership fees. There will be 2 classifications; Members are direct descendants of John Liming and Friends are spouses, and people connected through side branches or anyone interested in the family.

The society will be project based and use crowdfunding to pay for projects submitted by the society members. If gravestones are missing or damaged a member can submit a project to the membership to get a new one or repair. If a person is found that would be key to the DNA project, a project can be submitted to fund the cost of the test. If there is a person/family in the tree that is a brick wall, a project can be made to hire a certified genealogist to assist in locating proof and sources.

The property of the Society that has the most value is the genealogy content and data that is contained in the Society Master Tree. In order for the society to maintain its websites, add new features to the website, pay for marketing tools and social media advertising, there needs to be a monthly revenue stream to pay for costs. To cover these costs the Master Trees will require a subscription to access. Each new member to the free main website can choose to subscribe to get access to the Master Trees. There will be 1month, 3months, 6month and annual subscriptions. With each subscription you will get certain number of free access days included. The free access days can be used to compare your tree to the master tree and verify that you have correct information. During a member's subscription period, they can submit new data and source materials to the society to add to the tree. Subscription Prices will be kept reasonable

There are several people and families in the Master Tree that are not proven, have had many variations of data and been argued over for decades. These People and Family groups will be marked as "Need Additional Proof". Each of these marked, will provide places where members can focus attention, or even submit a project to hire a certified genealogist to figure it out. The goal is to strive for at least parent/child proof for each person in the tree, DNA testing from each branch of the tree is the best way to provide this proof.

Later, as more members contribute their branch information, photo's, bibles, obituaries, and other sources, Lemons Publishing will offer custom books for purchase. Select the people and family story pages you want included and how many copies you want then order. The cost is based on how many total pages in the book.

If at some point in the future there is a reason or need to accept a large donation to the society like family land, or end of life donation, a 501c3 non-profit tax status can be set up at that time.

If members wishes to protect and plan for what happens to their research, documents, artifacts, and books, they may identify the John Liming Society in their will to receive these items. It is the hope that at some point in the future, the Society could own and run a museum located on family land where all the collections would be housed.

So please come to the Society website and register. Then click on the Forum button and read the newby section for instructions on how to use the site. http://john-liming-society.org

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